Chris Kernaghan, Lead UX Designer.

Design strategy though research. Chris delivers meaningful, positive user experiences by conducting compelling, insightful, user-research that benefit both user and business.

flaim Secure Messaging

Designing for emerging markets

In Nigeria, the average allowance of data is 2GB per month, and users are often concerned about running out of data. Many Nigerians are also hugely dependent on messaging apps that provide a reliable experience, as their livelihoods - and even their security - depend on it.

Here I discuss my UX process, from discovery to concept, and present how flaim has the potential to have the next say in secure, reliable messaging in Nigeria and other emerging markets.

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Design Systems in Figma

The single source of truth

Throughout my career as a UX Designer, one thing has become abundently clear, the importance of a design system that acts as a single source of truth. Not just a single source of truth for the design team itself, but a design system that keeps an entire organisation on the same page, ensuring consistency and efficiency for product development going forward.

Read on to discover how I have helped teams reap the benefits of a well documented design system.

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WiggleCRC Checkout Process

Improving the checkout experience

According to ecommercenews.eu, online shoppers in the UK make 87% of their retail purchases online. This number is only expected to increase in the coming years.

Whilst at WiggleCRC, I spearheaded continuous, iterative, user-experience improvements on our checkout project, which led to increases in conversion rates month-on-month. A cross-team effort that required UX, Sales, Marketing and Customer Services to collaborate their efforts to ensure the checkout process became as user-centered and frictionless as could be.

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WiggleCRC Personalisation

Delivering a personal experience

Peronalisation in the e-commerce space certainly isn't a new concept, but it is a concept that is proliferating as a result of user-centered design. According to MarTech, 81% of consumers wants brands to understand them better. Just one of many projects I worked on as UX designer at WiggleCRC, the team and I investigated how we could harness the power of personalisation to deliver a more coherent, bespoke experience.

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My experience

Equiis Technologies
Lead UX Designer
March 2019 — Ongoing
UX Designer
June 2017 — March 2019
DisplayNote Tech
Lead Web Designer
November 2015 — June 2017
i3 Digital
Web Designer
June 2012 — November 2015

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